2017 State Elections – Archived


Election Night Watch Party on November 7 at Courthaus Social, 2300 N. Clarendon Blvd., starting at 6:30 pm.

Election Results

Also, call your Members of Congress to take action on Federal Issues.

The November 7th Election is critical to our goal to defeat the Trump agenda. The entire country will be watching the results as a bellwether for 2018. See the Priority Actions above and the Volunteer and Donation Opportunities below to learn what you can do this week to make this a big win.

The NorthamFairfaxHerring ticket and all 100 seats in the House of Delegates are up for election this year. We need to flip as many districts as possible to blue, improving on the 66-34 Delegate majority currently held by Republicans. We also need to keep a Democrat in the Governor’s chair. Governor McAuliffe vetoed a record setting 118 bills including cutting support for Planned Parenthood, imposing more requirements on voter registration, restricting absentee voting, expanding access to handguns, giving businesses the right to refuse services to same-sex couples, and so on.

Adopted Candidates for House of Delegates

As a special initiative, Indivisible Arlington has adopted three candidates for the House of Delegates: Veronica Coleman from the 84th District in Virginia Beach, Debra Rodman from the 73rd District in Henrico, and Alfonso Lopez from the 49th District in Arlington. Watch our State Elections: How You Can Help page and join our closed Facebook Group to find out more about our adopted candidates.

Volunteer and Donation Opportunities

Indivisible Arlington encourages everyone to complete one or more of the much needed campaign activities on our State Elections: How You Can Help page. Let’s ensure that Virginia remains blue at the state level and flips blue at the district level this fall!

State Elections: How You Can Help has information about how to get started if you want to (1) canvass door-to-door, (2) phone bank for delegates in and outside of Arlington, either from a central location or from your home, (3) donate to swing district campaigns, or (4) help people get the ID needed to vote, (5) vote early in person or by mail, (6) many more opportunities to come.

Federal Actions Needed

While the November 7 Virginia election remains our top priority, there are several federal issues that need action as well. Please choose a couple of the issues below that are most important to you, follow the links to see background information and sample call scripts from Indivisible, and call your Members of Congress!

This Week’s Indivisible Actions: October 29 – November 4

Ongoing Actions: