Action Form Instructions

Indivisible is about YOU taking direct action and YOU calling and YOU emailing your political representatives. The staff taking calls are super nice. So please commit to making at least one call this week!!!

Our Weekly Action form makes direct action, calling, and emailing easier and better. For you and for us.

You DON’T have to call and email everybody in the form. Do what you can and log what you do in the form. Calls matter more than emails so they’re worth more “points”.

We give you contact info and messaging in the form. Click the checkbox for each action you took. Keep the form open on your computer/phone until you’ve made all calls and emails you intend to do for the week. Then click “Submit” at the bottom.

We’ll report next week on Facebook on how many calls and emails we made together this week!

Our #1 tip is to go RIGHT NOW to your calendar and schedule a day/time during work hours this week to make your calls and send these emails !!! Best times to call are mid-morning and mid-to-late afternoon. Bookmark the Action Form page so that you always have a quick way to access it from your phone or computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the phone numbers on my iPhone not clickable ? (i.e. so I can click to call)

If you use the Facebook app on iPhone, click on the 3 vertical dots symbol in the bottom right hand corner of your screen and choose “Open in Safari”. If you use the form within the Facebook app or Chrome, the phone numbers are not clickable, but in Safari they are.

On the form, why are you assigning 25 points to calls, 5 points to emails, and even more to direct actions?

We know that calls have more impact than emails. And direct actions such as office visits have the most impact. So if Tom makes 4 calls and 1 email and Sally makes 1 call and 4 emails and Jane makes an office visit and 2 calls, who made more impact? In an attempt to quantify and normalize the total action created, we arbitrarily assign 25 points to phone calls, 5 points to emails, and 125-250 points to direct actions such as office visits, phone banking, or attending protests. We therefore value you making 1 phone call over 4 emails. Also, when we do reporting of our collection action, we’ll report back how much “action” each member did in descending order of points.

Can I bookmark the form and use it next week?

Yes. The form will always be at the same website address.

How often will you fresh the form content and when?

We will refresh the form content every Sunday night, and also throughout the week as needed.

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