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Facebook Group Posting Policy

Source: Latest Communication Plan on the Google Drive.

Updated 1/15/2018.

Please find below the latest guidelines for posting to this Group.  All posts will be reviewed and approved by the administrators before they are published. We will not allow bullying or trolling.

We want to provide posts that are relevant to our Group’s mission: (1) to pressure the current government to fight the Trump agenda; (2) to elect a new progressive government. However, we do not want to overwhelm members with too many posts else they will disengage.

We ENCOURAGE the following types of posts:

— Calls To Action: Requests to attend meetings or protests, donate to progressive candidates, help with electioneering activities, call elected officials, etc.
— Success Stories of Indivisible Arlington: News or video of our Group making a difference through direct actions such as canvassing, phone banking, attending protests, or visiting/calling the offices of elected officials.
— Event Registrations: Notices of events such as Kaine/Warner/Beyer office visits and town halls and other events RELEVANT TO OUR PRIORITIES which DON’T CONFLICT WITH INDIVISIBLE-SPONSORED EVENTS will generally be approved.
— Breaking News: Only when DIRECTLY LINKED TO A CALL TO ACTION or a current priority of the Group.

We DISCOURAGE the following types of posts:

— General News Posts: We’re not Politico or CNN. People should look to other sources for local, Virginia, or national news. Any news posts here should contain an ask or call to action (donate, call, volunteer, etc.) or should tell a success story.
— Pure Political Opinions: Our Group is focused on action. We promote positive action and community engagement. We do not post unsubstantiated claims.
— Self-Promotion: Of businesses, services, or campaigns.
— Untimely Posts: If you are posting about an event that is weeks or months away, please consider holding it until later so that our current priority posts can receive attention.
— Duplicate Posts: Please try to check the Group to see if someone has already posted about the topic.

Communication Procedures and Guidelines

Under review as of 9/17/2017. Final text will be placed here after approved by Leadership Team.

Tools to be used: Facebook Group, Leadership Facebook Group, Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, MailChimp, YouTube.

Up to a month before the event…

  1. Email webteam@indivisiblearlingtonva.com to ask the Web Team to put it on the Calendar with as much information available at the time.
  2. Post on the Facebook Group with a request to “Save the Date” and any preliminary information . Note, you should do this yourself rather than asking the Social Media Leader to do it, since everyone in the Facebook Group can add a post, which will be approved by the administrators and/or moderators.
  3. Set up an Eventbrite registration page, if determined appropriate. If you’re not familiar with this, ask for help from the Direct Action Team (directaction@indivisiblearlingtonva.com).
  4. Ask the Leadership Team, via the Leadership Facebook Group, and others on your team to Like the event post on the Facebook Group to help the information rank higher in Facebook News Feeds.
  5. Anytime there are changes or additional information about the event such as location finalized or a new link to sign up, repost on the Facebook Group and ask the Web Team (webteam@indivisiblearlingtonva.com) to update the website calendar entry.

About two weeks before the event…

  1. Ask the PR and Media Relations Team (media@indivisiblearlingtonva.com) to start working on the press release if event requires one.

About one week before the event…

  1. Post again on the Facebook Group with complete information about time, location, and sign up requirements. You may want to use different images, messages, and viewpoints to draw attention to the event and distinguish from previous posts. Again, ask the Leadership Team and others for Likes.
  2. This is also the time to ask the Social Media Leader (socialmedia_admin@indivisiblearlingtonva.com) to pin the post to the top of the Group.
  3. Ask the Web Team (webteam@indivisiblearlingtonva.com) to put the event in the priority blue box area of the home page.
  4. Ask the Direct Action Team (directaction@indivisiblearlingtonva.com) to include the event in the MailChimp email blast for the week.
  5. Arrange for someone to do a Facebook Live Feed at the event. If you’re not familiar with this, ask for help from the Direct Action Team (directaction@indivisiblearlingtonva.com).

On the day of the event…

  1. Post a reminder to attend on the Facebook Group.
  2. Contact the Social Media Leader (socialmedia_admin@indivisiblearlingtonva.com) to tweet on Twitter. Provide a 140-character message, with a hashtag for the event if appropriate. Note that Twitter is used only for day-of notices of the event and the hashtag, tweets during the event, and success stories after the event.
  3. Ask the Social Media Leader (socialmedia_admin@indivisiblearlingtonva.com) to post on the Facebook Page. Note that the Facebook Page, vs the Facebook Group, is used only for day-of notices of the event and success stories after the event.

During the event…

  1. Have online sign in via laptops/tablets. If you’re not familiar with this, ask for help from the Direct Action Team (directaction@indivisiblearlingtonva.com).
  2. Stream a Live Feed on the Facebook Group. If you’re not familiar with this, ask for help from the Direct Action Team (directaction@indivisiblearlingtonva.com).
  3. Use your Twitter account to tweet using the hashtag, or arrange for someone else who uses Twitter to tweet.

After the event…

  1. Post a success story on the Facebook Group and ask the Social Media Leader (socialmedia_admin@indivisiblearlingtonva.com) to post on the Facebook Page and Twitter. Please provide language and images.
  2. Provide photos to the Social Media Leader (socialmedia_admin@indivisiblearlingtonva.com) and ask that the photos be posted on Instagram.
  3. Ask the Social Media Leader (socialmedia_admin@indivisiblearlingtonva.com) to post the video of the Live Feed on YouTube if the quality is good, and ask the Web Team (webteam@indivisiblearlingtonva.com) to embed on the website.


Information from Louis Drummond on 1/15/2018.

WEBSITE  (includes WordPress Premium editor + domain name + web hosting)

$99/year, due February 1, 2018

Maple is checking to see if/how this can be transferred to another person, and would like to do so.

G SUITE  (includes 11 Gmail addresses + Google Drive)

$30/month ($5/month per email address)
Charged to Louis Drummond’s credit card at the beginning of each month.

1.  info@indivisiblearlingtonva.com
2.  socialmedia_admin@indivisiblearlingtonva.com
3.  webteam@indivisiblearlingtonva.com
4.  directaction@indivisiblearlingtonva.com
5.  media@indivisiblearlingtonva.com
6.  congresstracker@indivisiblearlingtonva.com