Legislative Research – Archived

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This page contains links to bills, action alerts, check lists, voting analysis, and other  legislative research by the various Indivisible Arlington working teams.

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The Human Costs of the New Republican Health Care Plan (3/13/2017)

Thank Tim Kaine for Asking Why 500 Marines Were Sent to Syria (3/13/1017)

Turning Up the Heat on the EPA Phones: Scott Pruitt’s Main Line Jammed by Activists (3/13/2017)

Wellness Programs Aren’t Tools for Invasion of Privacy: Say No to H.R. 1313 (3/12/1017)


Checklist of Bills for Governor McAuliffe To Veto (3/14/2017)

November 2017 Election for State Delegates: Districts with the Best Chance to Swing Democratic (3/11/2017)

Registered Voters by House District (3/11/2017)

2015 Virginia Precincts by District (3/11/2017)

Presidential Votes in Virginia by District in 2016 (3/11/2017)

Detailed analysis from State Team of Dangerous Bills in Virginia 2017 General Assembly (3/9/2017)