State Elections: How You Can Help

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  1. Canvassing, Phone Banking, Dining 4 Democracy, Picnic, Happy Hour, and More. Click on Calendar in the top menu for details and other volunteer opportunities!
  2. Sign up to Get Updates by Email. We will be using the list to send out notices about important events leading up to the state elections on November 7. We generally send only one email a week, but there may be additional emails for emergency actions.
  3. Donate, phone bank, canvass, host a Dining4Democracy event, or find another way to help our adopted candidates for the House of Delegates: Debra Rodman and Veronica Coleman.
  4. Start talking to every Democrat you know in Northern Virginia to make sure that they vote on November 7, and ask them to talk to everyone they know. As Alfonso Lopez told us at our August 1 meeting, we need to “RUN UP THE SCORE” in Northern Virginia to balance other parts of the state and make sure that Northam, Fairfax, and Herring win.

Early In-Person or Mail Absentee Voting

For those who may have difficulty getting to the polls on November 7th for various reasons, you can choose to vote early at Arlington County offices at Courthouse Square. Early absentee voting will begin Friday, September 22nd and run through Saturday, November 4th.

For those will be out of town or otherwise unable to vote in-person you can vote by mail with an absentee mail-in ballot.

You can get detailed information on the Absentee Voting page on the official Arlington County website.

Why 2017 Is So Important

This year’s statewide election is of critical importance. Since Republicans control both houses of the legislature, only the Democratic Governor’s veto power has prevented the passage of more than 70 regressive bills including defunding Planned Parenthood, putting further restrictions on voting rights, and a “bathroom bill” that would have been even more extreme than the North Carolina law. Further, the outcome of this election will impact the gerrymandering of legislative and congressional districts for at least the next decade.

The entire country’s attention will be on the Virginia election in November. It will be seen as a barometer of opposition to the Trump agenda. Besides electing a new Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General, 77 out of 100 House of Delegate seats are being contested, including several in Barbara Comstock’s district. New Jersey is the only other state with a similar election, but after the Christie debacle it doesn’t look like the Republicans have much of a chance. A big victory in Virginia in 2017 (Governor win + legislative gains) will be seen as a major rebuke for Trump and his GOP supporters. Plus, all of our efforts will give us a big head start for the critical 2018 congressional midterms.

Adopted Candidates

Progressive NOVA groups, including Indivisible Arlington, have been meeting for months to develop a strategy to defeat the Republican ticket statewide and in approximately 25 House of Delegates districts that are believed to be “flippable”. One major piece of that strategy is the Adopt-a-Candidate program for Virginia. Since most of the Delegate races in Arlington and Alexandria, and parts of Fairfax, are uncontested or virtually assured for Democrats, it makes sense for activists like us to help out other House of Delegates candidates around the state.

Veronica Coleman
Veronica Coleman

Based on our research for which candidates could benefit most from our efforts, we decided to adopt Debra Rodman from District 73 in Richmond, Veronica Coleman from District 84 in Virginia Beach, and Alfonso Lopez from District 49 in Arlington. Part of our rationale for these three candidates was to support diversity. Two of the candidates are women, Veronica is African-American, and Alfonso is the only Latino in the state legislature. Additionally, there is a Republican running against Alfonso — the only Arlington delegate candidate with a challenger.

Currently House Districts 73 and 84 are held by Republicans. We believe we can help these candidates’ efforts via phone banking, canvassing, fundraising, and technical support. These races may be very close, and Indivisible Arlington could make a difference.

Alfonso Lopez
Alfonso Lopez

Part of our rationale for adopting Lopez is that working in Arlington, we will help turn out more votes not only for Lopez but for the Northam, Fairfax, and Herring slate as well. A strong Arlington turnout is critical for a Northam victory.  It will also help our organization to become better connected with our neighbors and communities. Further, the more we can do to help Lopez’s campaign, the more he will be able to focus his attention on efforts to support the 17 Democratic challengers to Republicans in districts considered most likely to “flip”. It is believed the Republican Party put up a challenger against Lopez for this reason.

Debra Rodman
Debra Rodman

There are lots of way to support our adopted candidates, including door-to-door canvassing, phone banking, individual donations, hosting fundraisers, contacting out of state relatives and friends to solicit their support via phone-banking and fundraising, attending local events, technical support (e.g. graphic design, social media maintenance), and later on helping people get to voting sites, absentee voting, and so on.

Contact for more information about helping our adopted candidates, and join our our Facebook Group to find out about opportunities to canvass, phone bank, donate, fund raise, or other do other volunteer activities for these candidates.

Virtual Phone Banking

We have the technology for volunteers to do virtual phone banking for Delegates adopted by Indivisible Arlington, Sister Districts, and other organizations.

You can phone bank from home any day between 11:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. It’s easy and flexible. As feasible for the candidates, virtual phone banks are established. Currently, we are phone banking for sister district candidate, David Reid. Soon, we will expand our virtual phone banking efforts to include our adopted delegates and Ralph Northam.

To get started, request to join the closed Facebook group at

Canvassing and Phone Banking

There are many opportunities for volunteers who want to get outside and knock on doors and for those who want to phone bank from campaign headquarters or other locations.

Canvassing in Arlington for the Statewide Ticket

Door-to-door canvassing in Arlington will help the vote for the Democratic candidate for Governor. There is canvassing every Saturday and Sunday from 12 noon to 6 pm. This opportunity is good for people who can’t travel out of Arlington county.

The latest information about canvassing in Arlington always at

Canvassing and Phone Banking for Delegates Adopted by Sister District

You can also volunteer to canvass and phone bank for specific Delegates adopted by Sister District.

To get started, go to and click on the Delegate for whom you’d like to volunteer.

Phone Banking in Arlington at HQ for Arlington County Democratic Committee

What You Do: Phonebank every Tuesday and Thursday for Delegates outside of Arlington from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm at 2001 Jefferson Davis Hwy #604, Arlington, Virginia 22202

How To Get Started: Latest info is always at


If you can, please give money directly to our adopted Delegates’ campaigns so they can afford signs, staffing, and campaigning. Here are direct links to their websites, where you can find Donate or Contribute buttons: Debra Rodman, Veronica Coleman, Alfonso Lopez.

There’s also a Crowdpac campaign that gives money equally to the top 25 most swingable districts. See for more information and the latest on how much money so far raised and by how many contributors.

Help People Get Voter IDs

You can help people get the ID they need in order to vote. This is NOT about voter registration but about getting people the ID they need in order to vote because of Virginia’s voter ID laws. See for more information about the organization and see for current voter ID requirements in Virginia.

To get started, request to join the closed Facebook group for our sister Indivisible group Once you join, send a message to Carol Geargeoura at or email her at carol.geargeoura@gmail asking to volunteer for Spread The Vote.

Voter Registration

You can staff the voter registration table at farmer’s markets to help people get registered to vote.

To get started, watch this video and fill out the online affidavit. Then contact asking to help voter registration at farmer’s markets.

Get Out The Vote Transportation

The Arlington County Democratic Committee has a robust ride to the polls program. ACDC is trying to do rides for In Person Absentee voting as well.

To volunteer, email Sue Walton at

Data Entry

The Democratic Party of Virginia coordinated campaign (DPVA) works with local committees to coordinate the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and House of Delegate races for the general election, and usually can use data entry support. To get started, contact Democratic Party of Virginia coordinated campaign (contact information is at bottom of the web page).

You can also volunteer to do data entry for Representative Don Beyer. The data work will vary, but here are some examples: (1) putting donor phone call results into our database’s call logs section; (2) finding donor data on publicly available databases, then cleaning up the info based on our needs, then putting that info into our own database; (3) cleaning up messy data in our database. The tasks generally relate to our fundraising needs. Rep Beyer serves in a prominent role in the national party where his duty is to raise money for competitive US House candidates around the country. The office is at 2001 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, VA 22202, Suite 604. It is in Crystal City and is accessible on the metro without even going to ground level because of the Crystal City tunnel system. There is parking available on the street, but it is a challenge. We can have folks in the office weekdays 10am-3pm. Our office schedule can vary, though, so we need to arrange each day with volunteers to be sure I’ll be in. To get started, contact Merry Rutrick at or (202) 630-8008.

Letters to the Editor

We need people to write letters to the editor for local newspapers in support of the Delegates and statewide candidates.

To get started, email Maggie Davis of Arlington Young Democrats at and cc


Attend a postcard Party (for Get Out The Vote) on Monday July 31 from 4:00-6:00 pm at Mylo’s Grill, 6238 Old Dominion Drive, McLean, VA 22101. Write postcards to Democrats in Fairfax County to remind them to vote for the Democratic ticket on November 7. This will be a casual and social summer event: Happy Hour with cash bar. Please bring postage stamps and markers, family-friendly. Kids welcome. RSVP: CONTACT: Alicia Plerhoples, SOURCE:

Postcards4VA provides another opportunity to write handwritten postcards to Virginia residents to generate awareness and encourage them to get out to vote. Postcards4VA suggests (but does not require) making 100 postcards by October. You can make your own postcards (they provide designs), use flash cards or buy your own postcards. You supply your own stamps. Postcards4VA will provide each volunteer a targeted mailing list in October so you can then mail them out to likely Democratic voters. For more information, see, where you can can sign up. Provide your name, email address, city, state, and zip code, and in the field “How did you hear about the 100 Postcards Challenge?”, write “Indivisible Arlington”. Postcards4VA will then follow up directly with the you.